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Epckpt for Linux version 2.4.2 BETA is here. Please wait for final release!

What is EPCKPT?

EPCKPT is a checkpoint/restart utility built into the Linux kernel. Checkpointing is the ability to save an image of the state of a process (or group of processes) at a certain point during its lifetime. Checkpoints are important to a wide range of applications. The most common uses for checkpointing are:

Our main interest right now is process migration. So, we optimized EPCKPT to make process' image the smaller possible, so migration costs would be low.

EPCKPT is part of the Nomad distributed operating system developed at the COPPE Systems Engineering Department of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in Brazil.

How to download

Epckpt is under development. Currently it is restricted to the Intel x86 platform running Linux. The available Linux versions are:

Linux 2.4 series

Note: this is a beta version. There is no support for shared memory nor semaphores at this time. See Features and Bugs for details about this release.

Linux 2.2 series
Linux 2.0 series
All versions support Symmetric Multiprocessors (SMPs).

Before downloading, please read the License Agreement below.

Mirror Sites
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Features and Known Bugs

Epckpt is capable of checkpointing:

Epckpt's main features are:

Epckpt is NOT capable of checkpointing:
To do list: Known Bugs:
Please report bugs.
New features of version 2.4.2:

License Agreement

EPCKPT is being tested. It is provided as-is and neither the author nor his institution will be liable for anything that might happen after its installation.
EPCKPT is Copyrighted by Eduardo Pinheiro and is distributed under the GNU Copyleft license version 2 or later.
Please send modifications, bug reports and comments to edpin@cs.rutgers.edu.

The Author

Eduardo Pinheiro (edpin@cs.rutgers.edu)- Full-time PhD. student.

Installation and Documentation

So far, there is not much documentation available. Since EPCKPT is only part of a much more complex project (the Nomad distributed operating system), there will not be a huge effort to document it thoroughly. But, some time ago, I wrote a draft of an internal report about EPCKPT. It might help a little bit.

For installation please download the patches and read the README file. For further information contact the author.

Known People and Projects using EPCKPT

These are currently known people and their projects using EPCKPT as a tool. If you have your own project that uses EPCKPT and wishes to be listed here let me know. Conversely, if you or your project are listed here and it shouldn't or you don't want it to be here, also let me know.

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