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Constantin Serban
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110 Frelinghuysen Rd
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(732) 445-6450 ext. 9533

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About me

I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rutgers University, and currently I am a Senior Researcher with Telcordia Technologies, Applied Research Department, Policy-Based Network Management Group. My research interests are in security, dependability, and software engineering in large and distributed systems. More specifically, I study the access control in distributed systems of components based on LGI. I also work on software engineering, where my interests are in the enforcement of software architectures on large systems, both monolithic and distributed.

I worked with Professor Naftaly Minsky, and I defended my Ph.D. thesis in December 2007. I previously received a M.S. (1997) and B.S.(1996) in Computer Science and Systems from "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Romania.

On the personal side, I am married to Anna since 2003, and we have a wonderful baby boy, Alexander Peter. In the spare time we like to do hiking, traveling, and watching indie films. Nowadays I also do lots of bicycling, rain or shine.

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