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I worked under the supervision of Professor Ulrich (Uli) Kremer investigating compiler issues for optimizing energy usage on computer systems. Target architectures include low power portable systems such as laptops, palmtops, and embedded systems. However, with energy usage trends indicating exponential growth patterns, future applicable systems would include desktops, workstations, and mainframes.


Our research group operates under the auspices of the EEL Laboratory, inaugurated in February, 2001 via low power fanfare (next to nothing).


My particular research project focuses on compiler-directed system resource management. If certain resources are unused by a program, can the hardware cut power from these resources? Can a compiler detect this and more intelligently and precisely direct when to cut power from these resources and then subsequently reactivate them as needed? Can multiple programs synchronize their accesses to resources? Can a compiler schedule programs to help synchronize accesses?

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