CS 206 - Introduction to Discrete Structures II

Spring 2013

Course Overview

This course is an introduction to probability and combinatorics, including their basic mathematical foundations as well as several non-trivial applications of each. The first topic explores how to think about random processes in a rigorous and sensical way, and second is about techniques for counting the number of objects fitting a given description. As we will see, the techniques involved in both topics are strongly related.

Roughly, we expect to cover the following list of topics. Lecture summaries will be posted at the bottom of this page.

General Information

Assignments and Grading

Homeworks will be assigned roughly every 1.5 weeks. There will be one in-class midterm and one final exam. Final grades will be an average of homework grades (30%), midterm grades (30%), and final exam grades (40%).


Homework assignments will be posted here and on Sakai.

Lecture Schedule

A brief summary of each lecture and the associated reading will be posted here.