Chumki Basu
PhD in Computer Science
About Me

Research, Industrial, and Educational Background

I completed my dissertation in 2002 under the direction of Haym Hirsh in the computer science department at Rutgers University. My thesis investigated how to formulate algorithms for recommender systems using classification techniques from machine learning as well as information retrieval techniques to do text matching. Both of these approaches considered how to combine information from multiple, often disparate sources, such as content-based data and data used for collaborative filtering.

In addition to machine learning/data mining and information retrieval research, I have worked in areas such as natural language processing, ontologies, voice access and retrieval, personalization for call centers, geographic information systems/geospatial information filtering, and Web access to legacy data in the Software Systems and Applied Research divisions of Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bell Communications Research) and at Sarnoff Corporation, for government agencies and commercial clients, including NASA, ARDA, and SAIC.

I received my undergraduate degree in engineering (magna cum laude) from Princeton University, where I majored in computer science.

Selected Publications

R. Alonso, J. A. Bloom, H. Li, and C. Basu. An Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Search for a Parts Acquisition ePortal, to appear in the Proceedings of the Ninth ACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Washington, DC, August, 2003.

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